• 28 Jul 2022

    The Covenant of Companies for Climate and Energy provides support to businesses on their road to sustainability!

    The Covenant of Companies for Climate and Energy (CCCE) is a European Commission pilot initiative aimed at encouraging and supporting companies to step up their contribution to a clean energy transition, energy savings and related climate objectives as set out in the European Green Deal. The CCCE provides practical, step-by-step guidelines and technical assistance to European companies, in particular small and medium enterprises (SMEs), to help them take concrete actions contributing to the decarbonisation of their businesses.

    The CCCE pilot initiative has been launched in January 2022 and will be operational until December 2023. The experience from the CCCE pilot initiative will be used to set up and operate the Secretariat of the CCCE, establishing a robust foundation for the initiative.

    The advisory services are a crucial aspect of the CCCE initiative. The aim of the CCCE Advisory services is to experiment, evaluate and derive the most impactful format for support to European SMEs and larger companies in their energy transition. Advisory services will be provided through direct and indirect technical assistance to entities. The advisory services will be provided to entities based on the two calls for technical assistance.


    The First call for Technical Assistance

    The goal of the First call for technical assistance is to pilot advisory services that the CCCE can provide to companies, authorities and enablers in order to understand how best to support energy transition of companies.

    The First call for the technical assistance opens on 15th of June 2022. The call is open to SMEs, group of companies, authorities and enablers from five focus Member States: Croatia, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland.

    The deadline for submission of applications is 31st of August 2022 at 18:00h CET.

    Direct support will be offered to 50 entities, while additional support can be offered through the program of followers. The applicants will be informed about the results in September 2022.

    The assistance will be provided between September 2022 and January 2023.