• 20 May 2019

    Different cities, same goals: Bologna and Turku twinning to advance decarbonisation

    Making plans for reaching carbon neutrality in 10 years from now,

    Striking deals with automotive industry giants for offsetting carbon emissions,

    Halving emissions from road transport.

    These objectives might look impossible to achieve, but the Covenant cities of Turku (Finland) and Bologna (Italy), are making them a reality.

    On 9 and 10 May 2019, Giovanni Fini, Technical coordinator in charge of environmental quality in the City of Bologna visited his counterparts from the Climate Department of the city of Turku, in the framework of the Covenant of Mayors twinning programme.

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    The two cities had been selected in Autumn 2018 amongst more than 50 applications received. They have different constraints. Turku is twice smaller than Bologna and, because it owns various services including energy, it also controls two thirds of the direct emissions in the city’s boundaries. In Bologna, many sectors such as energy or public transport are privatised or outside the municipality’s remit. However, the two cities share common goals: the desire to substantially lower emissions in the near future (Turku aims at carbon neutrality in 2029, Bologna has just signed the Covenant of Mayors 2030 targets and will upgrade its Sustainable Energy Action Plan in the next two years), the will to rethink the place and role of nature in the city, the necessity to shift mobility patterns towards more sustainable transport modes and habits.

    Read more about their exchange in the article published by the city of Turku:

    Finnish version

    English version 

    Turku representatives will travel to Bologna in Spring 2020 for the second phase of this twinning exchange. Both cities have agreed to share information on a couple of points and will define objectives to reach before the next visit.

    For more information, please contact: claire.baffert@eumayors.eu