• 17 Dec 2018

    How to comply with new and different building standard requirements?

    ABRACADABRA H2020 project has developed a technical toolkit to support key financial actors, decision-makers and social stakeholders in the construction sector

    Do you know that only about 1,2% of Europe’s existing buildings are renovated every year?

    This is mainly due to very long pay-back times of retrofitting interventions, a lack of a standardized set of technical solutions or integrated solutions to comply to new and different building standards requirements and insufficient incentives.

    ABRACADABRA is a coordination and support action that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme in order to demonstrate a new renovation strategy based on AdoRES.

    AdoRES (volumetric Add-Ons and Renewables) are sets of Assistant Building Units, such as aside or façade addictions, rooftop extensions or even an entire new building adopting the existing buildings (the so called assisted buildings).

    In particular, the project consortium has developed a useful technical toolkit in order to help key financial actors, decision-makers and social stakeholders in the construction sector.

    ABRA Technical Toolkit

    ABRA Technical Toolkit provides a guide and outline process for stakeholders to understand, assess and implement the technical assessment required for successful building renovation projects.

    It consists of two main parts:

    • The first part includes an integrated and simplified energy model (SEM) for energy-economic analysis for non-experts and experts alike. The SEM is specially designed for quick input of data and calculations and it also offers the possibility to insert data regarding extensions of a building without having to re-insert data on the existing building, which is an advantage compared to other similar software. In this way, various extension scenarios can easily be assessed.
    • The second part consists in the Guideline Catalogue for Technical Solutions, an information source for building owners, project developers, construction companies, financiers and other involved parties that provides different technical solutions, possibilities, materials their technical properties in order to carry out deep renovation projects with volumetric extensions from the technical perspective. The toolkit also provides a preliminary cost calculation for each scenario according to the reference construction market as well as an estimation of the real estate value of the renovated building and AdoRES.

    Are you interested in using ABRA technical toolkit? Watch the Tutorial now!

    The technical toolkit can be downloaded on the private area of the website reserved to the project’s stakeholders: join now the ABRA community! http://www.abracadabra-project.eu